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                    Our AI Expertise

                    To stay competitive on the market and achieve outstanding business results, organizations try to harness the full range of tech – deep learning, machine learning, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence. Today, AI software development solves many challenges and accelerates business growth. Workflow automation, enhanced customer experience, and fraud detection – these are only a few things AI can do for you.

                    Face Recognition

                    Develop face recognition solutions for efficient access control and workforce management. Use facial biometrics to improve office security and control employee attendance.

                    Want to take customer service to the next level with emerging technologies? Recognize and greet your special guests with face recognition Greeting software. Spot your guests as soon as they enter and offer them personalized services.

                    Pose Estimation

                    Empower your mobile fitness app with AI technology for real-time accurate human pose estimation and tracking. Offer your users safe and personalized workouts catered to their needs.

                    Keep your event safe with pose estimation. Integrate the technology into your surveillance system for real-time violent behaviour detection, crowd monitoring and analysis.

                    Predictive Analytics

                    Looking for a way to prevent customer churn? Make use of predictive analytics-based solutions. Predict customer churn and maximise the chance the customer will remain.

                    Convert shoppers into customers with recommender systems. Delivering personalized content and offers to shoppers, it’s easy to engage shoppers and increase AOV.

                    Get E-commerce demand forecasting right with AI. Monitor changing customer demands and navigate your inventory planning.

                    Image Recognition

                    Deliver seamless shopping experience with AI-powered visual search. Let your customers shop with a camera and eliminate the friction between seeing and buying.

                    Get more sales through personalization and convenience.

                    Want to advance your marketing strategy and ensure a higher revenue? Integrate AR into your E-commerce store for deeper and more realistic customer experience.

                    Text Analysis and Analytics

                    Use our AI expertise for fast and accurate customer review analysis and social media analytics. Analyze data coming from various platforms to gain valuable insights and build a stronger brand.

                    Data Capture/OCR

                    Automate repetitive work in retail with data capture solutions. Reduce the workload on your staff and enhance their productivity. It’s easy to transform retail processes and decrease operational costs with custom AI software.

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                    Our Competences

                    Supervised and unsupervised learning, metric and representation learning
                    DL Frameworks
                    Deployment Toolkits
                    Neural Networks
                    CNNs, deep bayesian neural networks, siamese networks
                    Other AI Tools

                    Benefits of AI For Your Business

                    AI-assisted custom software for effective business transformation.

                    Personalized services to fit your customer’s needs.
                    AI Expertise in
                    Dynamic Pricing
                    Smooth and fast stock turnover based on market analytical insights and sales data.
                    Fraud Protection &
                    Fraud risk management for real-time scam detection.
                    Effective Customer
                    Customer behavior analysis and trend monitoring to rocket transactions and ROI.
                    Outstanding Customer
                    Seamless, consistent and hyper-personalized experiences unlocked with AI-enabled solutions.
                    Business Processes
                    Repetitive tasks made easy with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

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                    We’ve helped many businesses from various domains advance their operational efficiency and increase revenue. Here are a few industries we’ve worked with.

                    Supply Chain & Logistics
                    Marketing & Advertising
                    Sport & Wellness

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