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                    Dedicated Development Team

                    Expand your team cost-effectively hiring our dedicated web development team.

                    150+ Projects

                    We provide an experienced dedicated team of developers to startups or even large enterprises. Our web development team is proud to have always been a valuable contribution to our clients’ success.

                    10+ Years

                    Over 10 years, XB Software has accumulated knowledge and expertise through continuous staff training, complying with high standards, and hiring top talents to build a top-notch dedicated development team.

                    Why Hire Dedicated Development Team from XB Software

                    Team of Freelancers
                    Dedicated development team from XB Software
                    Project cost
                    The developer’s code may not be exactly what the client wants and may have to be re-written, which implies additional costs.
                    In the long run, hiring a development team with the business analyst and QA engineer will cut costs by reducing rework.
                    Technical expertise
                    The lack of technical expertise may become another headache for a client when communicating with a developer.
                    Experienced business analysts easily convert customer’s business needs into functional specifications for developers and QA engineers.
                    Workforce efficiency
                    Decreased productivity of developers caused the need to interact with business owners and participate in long-time meetings?
                    Early identifying defects or misinterpreted requirements and providing feedback asap.
                    Weak soft developer skills (e.g., communication, teamwork, open-mindedness, etc.) may become a reason for miscommunication that leads to rework and additional costs.
                    Thanks to PM’s and BA’s, the development team's attention is directed at solving technical problems only, and team members are not engaged in communication.
                    Project management
                    Due to the time gap between developers from different locations, they may fall behind schedule and miss the project deadlines.
                    Working at the same time and place as the development team, the project manager oversees a project flow and keeps everything on track easily.
                    Security Level
                    Uncertain and depends mainly on a freelance developer’s conscience.
                    High. NDA is signed, critical data, ideas, and other confidential information are secure. We ensure a secure development environment with firewall, password, encryption.
                    Freelance developers can work over multiple projects simultaneously and prioritize other tasks ahead of yours. Also, developers can disappear, leaving your project unfinished.
                    Your project is always a high priority. Our web developers are available within working hours. In case of emergency, the web developer can be replaced by another professional developer to complete your project on time.
                    Dedication level
                    Works over multiple projects at a time, spending time on marketing and networking to get more new projects, which can result in deadline delays.
                    Assigned to a specific project and dedicates all time to it. Better positioned to focus on projects with tight deadlines.

                    XB Software doesn’t just offer developers with 3+ years of experience. Our company can provide you with an experienced team of talented professionals focused on delivering the perfect result in the shortest possible time.

                    Hiring Web Development Team Process Flow

                    We got your inquiry, what's next?
                    High-Level Requirements Gathering
                    The sales account manager gathers high-level technical requirements and information about the project, defines our role in the client's team, and assigns a pre-sale business analyst.
                    Project Details Defining
                    Together with the tech team, the business analyst defines an approximate timeline and the required team to fulfill the project within requirements.
                    Technical Call
                    The sales account manager arranges a technical call with the client to clarify the details on the list of questions from the business analyst.
                    Negotiations on Terms and Agreements
                    The sales Account Manager negotiates the terms and agreements and signs the contract with the client.
                    Developers Team Assignment
                    The resource manager assigns technical specialists according to the client’s needs and project requirements. After that, the client has to approve the team.
                    Project Estimation
                    The sales account manager sends the client a rough estimate and an approximate timeline.
                    Contract Signing
                    As soon as the contract is signed, the Project Manager (or XB Officer) arranges a kickoff meeting and project launch.
                    Kickoff Meeting
                    The Project Manager with the team discusses the reporting model, the timeline of deliverables (milestones), project details, terms and conditions, and other details of future collaboration.
                    Project Launch
                    The team of dedicated developers starts working on the client’s project.

                    When Hire Dedicated Development Team Can Benefit Your Business

                    You’d like to add more features or advanced functionality to your existing web app.
                    Your business is small, and you don’t have IT specialists available, so you need them urgently or for a limited period.
                    You have a general idea of an app and need help with its implementation.
                    Your existing app looks outdated or has some performance issues, and you want to modernize it.
                    You are not satisfied with the quality of your app developed by another vendor, and you want to redesign an app.
                    You have budget and time constraints and need a developer with hands-on experience straight away.

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