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                    Cross Platform App Development Services

                    Creating top-notch cross platform mobile applications to run on multiple platforms for worldwide presence of your business.

                    What Is Cross-Platform Development?

                    Cross-platform mobile development is the best way to cut the cumulative cost for a mobile application. There is no need to build separate apps for IOS, Android and Windows, cross-platform apps run smoothly on multiple devices and platforms. It helps your business to reduce upgrade costs, time-to-market and to reach more users without loss of quality.

                    Using cross-platform mobile application development XB Software makes a way for its customers to invest in IT solutions that reduce efforts.

                    Create Your Cross-Platform App with XB Software

                    We create cross-platform mobile apps that deliver the same amazing features as native mobile apps. XB Software development company has real-life, proven experience in creating efficient cross-platform applications to engage your potential users on any platform and devices.

                    Moreover, we render custom support for all our clients at every stage of the project.

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                    Cross-Platform App Development Benefits for Business

                    If your company puts costs and a time-to-market in the first place, cross-platform app development fits the bill.

                    Our software development company offers a communication model that starts with the in-depth analysis of your business goals.

                    With cross-platform mobile app development you get:
                    significant reduction of development costs
                    reduced risks with a dedicated mobile development team
                    time-saving without sacrificing usability and key app features
                    a chance to enter new markets on the global scale
                    reached a broader target audience
                    increase cross-platform application revenues

                    XB Software is not just an ordinary app development company. We create highly flexible, user-friendly and innovative cross-platform solutions for touch devices.

                    Key Cross-Platform Mobile Solutions We Focus On

                    XB Software’s expertise and competence of cross-platform app development is capably demonstrated in the robust and useful mobile apps that were developed.

                    Cross-Platform Frameworks and Tools We Use

                    Our skilled development team will create various mobile apps to meet your business needs using cross-platform tools. We have vast real-life experience in cross-platform application development and guarantee the best result whether you need a simple viable solution or a complex mobile application with third-party integrations.

                    For custom cross-platform mobile apps creation we use such modern frameworks as React Native and Flutter.

                    Not sure which framework better suits your app? Contact us to get a no-obligation consultation.

                    React Native

                    React Native is an excellent framework for creation of cross-platform apps with great user interfaces.

                    XB Software has proven experience in cross-platform mobile application development using React Native. We have created a lot of powerful apps for many business domains.

                    Apps built with React Native:

                    A mobile framework designed by Google for creating cross-platform apps that works flawlessly on both Android and iOS.

                    By using a rich set of fully-customizable widgets XB Software guarantees building? cross-platform applications with a focus on native end-user experiences.

                    Apps built with Flutter:

                    Why Trust Cross-Platform App Development to XB Software

                    To match our customer’s goals, timeline and budget, we provide and guarantee:

                    Competitive project rates and
                    client-centric IT Infrastructure
                    Agile streamlined development
                    End-to-end cross-platform
                    Talented cross-platform
                    developers and UX/UI designers
                    Complete and clear project
                    visibility and communication
                    Transparency of processes
                    and deliverables
                    Cross-platform apps that
                    guarantee high ROI
                    High-performance and stable
                    Application maintenance and

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