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                    Cloud Software Development

                    Get Your Web and Mobile Apps to the Cloud

                    What Is Cloud Software?

                    Cloud-based software development is an excellent solution for an enterprise that needs an app or program with a richer user-customization experience, higher scalability and seamless backend integration.

                    Clouds allow you to store and access data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer’s hard drive.

                    When to Consider Cloud Software

                    You need to reduce the capital and operational costs of IT, and increase IT capacity at the same time
                    You need to extend the on-premises IT environment in the cloud
                    You need to combine on-premises and cloud deployment of your app (create hybrid applications)

                    Why Choose Cloud Software?

                    Flexibility and data accessibility from any place and any device
                    Stability of isolated virtual networks in the cloud
                    Strong reliability and high security of data storage
                    Adjustable scalability and load balancing depending on the workload

                    We can develop cloud software from scratch or migrate your existing application to the cloud.

                    How Does XB Software Stand Out Among Other Cloud Software Developers?

                    XB Software will help you select the right cloud storage provider and implement a cloud storage strategy to fit your specific needs.

                    We develop cloud-based web and mobile apps, integrate enterprise applications with cloud providers and migrate apps from one cloud/service provider to another.

                    Cloud Development Platforms We Use

                    Microsoft Windows Azure
                    Amazon Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2)
                    Google App Engine

                    We can use other platforms or a hybrid approach, which combines a client’s in-house resources and external servers to develop cloud apps.

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